Mittal Institute of Technology & Science offers courses in many branches of Information Technology, Engineering, Science, Arts, Humanities and Management. The courses will be offered on the campus, through internet and traditional post office. Customized courses will be offered for corporate training and sufficiently large groups. Medical Sciences are included for education but not for certification. Course designers, laboratory designers, instructors, subject experts and students are invited to apply. The institute is in the first stages of development and based upon your responses will try to meet the requirements. Our campuses will be based in Gurgaon and Pilani, India. MITS has come into existence in July-2002 and has started offering certification programs. 


Computer Science Electronics Electrical Mechanical
Civil Chemical Physics Chemistry
Mathematics Biology Management Economics
Finance Law Internet Technology Telecommunication
Pharmacy Astronomy Instrumentation Bio Technology
English Technology Science Robotics
Nanotechnology Liberal Education General Medical


MITS offers Certification courses, Bachelor of Science, Master of Science and PhD programs in all of the above disciplines. 

MITS offers several Certification courses to meet the current industrial requirements and the requirements of those students and working professionals who do not want to commit in long term plans. The student enrolls in a single course, that require a total effort of 60 hours or so, take some assignments and an exam and get the certificate. Each course has an associated credit with it, and by doing a set of courses independently, a candidate can earn a BS or MS degree in the long run. MITS stresses three different aspects of education: (1) State of the art requirement of Industry (2) Intellectual satisfaction (3) Formal recognition. The certification programs are a good solution to meet all of the above criteria.

The normal input to Bachelor of Science (BS) program is a High School graduate from US schools or 10+2 graduate from Indian schools or its equivalent from other places. 

The normal input to Master of Science (MS) program is a BS graduate or its equivalent. The details are available in MITS Prospectus.

The normal input to PhD programs is a MS graduate or its equivalent.

MITS accepts students with advanced standing into any of its programs in the middle of the program. Credits will be worked out and the students can start from a point that they are eligible to start. For more details, contact the admission officer.

Complete list of courses is available in the MITS Prospectus.